Tech Talk

Hi there.  This is Randy your TECH TALK host with another tip for all you would be pbx purchasers.  Businesses that are purchasing or replacing phone systems quickly find that putting in a new phone system may also requires installing new cabling because the old cabling is either non-existing or inadequate.  Today’s new Voice over IP (VoIP) PBX systems offer exciting new features packed into a very small footprint that were only previously available in larger and more expensive products.

There has never been a better time to upgrade your phone system but VoIP systems need a data network to operate on unlike older legacy systems.   So how would that hold back your business from these exciting new possibilities?

The number one reason is that the costs of re-cabling can double the system cost but there are possible ways around that. One way is to convert existing wiring.  If the wiring has been done within the last 5 years there is a chance that they used Category 5 data cables for everything.  If so it can be converted for your new VoIP system.  BTS will make a free one time site visit within our South Florida service area to access your situation and make recommendations.

Another way is to utilize the existing data network.  Most businesses at the SMB level already have in place data networks.  It is possible to put your phones on these networks without ill effects.  Most people don’t know that just about all IP phones have extra data ports built right into them.  These are there expressly for the purpose of using existing data wiring.  This is how it works.

  The computer endpoint is unplugged from the network and the cable is then plugged into the phone.  Then a new cable is plugged into the phones extra data port and the other end then connected back into the computer.  Now both the phone and computer are back on the data network and you haven’t had to add any additional Data cabling.

We can add inexpensive power injectors to the network ports to power the phones and eliminate the need for “wall wort” power supplies or expensive new PoE switches.

Sometimes IT concerns require the use of network isolation between voice and data traffic.  This is accomplished by the use of Virtual Local Area Networks (VLAN.) Virtual means this network exist only in software on the same physical data port. Our recommended Yealink phones are capable of VLAN and any other protocol necessary for your network as well as gigabyte capability. If IT concerns are an obstacle, let us meet with your IT people to resolve that issue.

So don’t let the fear of an extra expense keep you away from the amazing new features that make business communications more efficient.  See what BTS can do for you.   Call us today at 954.606.6997.



Yeastar s20 PBX, 5 Yealink t42s phones, plus 8 ports of PoE to power the phones. $1613.00 Includes programming of the system to fit your needs and user training.  3 years limited warranty for the PBX and 1 year limited warranty for the phones.  Warranty limited to manufacture defects and firmware bugs.  Not responsible for physical damage by vandalism, earthquake, or flood.  Price DOES NOT include physical wiring of customer site. A separate quote can be given for customer premise wiring.