Hello.  My name is Randy Buller.  I am the owner and operator of Broward Telecom Solutions, Inc.  I started my business in November of 2008.  Although I have been in business for a short time, I have been in the Telecom Business since the 1970’s.

I have seen the telecom industry evolve from the days where there was only “one” Telephone Company to the bewildering proliferation that we see today.  It is hard for the newcomers to the industry to believe that it all started with a law suit by someone who wanted to sell telephone answering machines to consumers.  In those days you couldn’t legally connect anything other than what the then monopoly Bell System leased you.  There has been a lot of water under the bridge since then.


I have worked for many companies both small and large including a major CLEC.  I have installed and serviced applications ranging from Call Center, Hospitality, Health Care, Educational, and everything in between.   What I bring to the table today is the professionalism of the corporate world with the customer service mentality of a small company.  My tangible products are new VoIP telephone systems and / or service to your existing Elastix or FreePBX.  My most important “product”, however, is intangible.

My most important product is my reputation.  You can buy the same or similar products as mine elsewhere and even possibly beat the price, but what you may not get is a professional commitment to your satisfaction.

I named my business purposefully Broward Telecom Solutions because it incorporates all the elements of what I aspire to accomplish.  That is to provide telecom solutions to businesses large or small in Broward, Florida and neighboring counties.  My focus is a solution for you.  Be it a service or design issue I am here for you.  I am available for a free initial consultation and evaluation for all your telecom needs.

Thank you for your business.

Randy Buller

Broward Telecom Solutions